4 Common Concrete Construction Mistakes that Will Cost You

4 Common Concrete Construction Mistakes that Will Cost You


Concrete construction can be tricky, especially if you’re not an expert in this field. But if you’re building your own home or performing renovations on your existing home, you have to know how to work with concrete properly so it doesn’t fail on you later down the road. There are several mistakes that people make when they use concrete, however, and they should be avoided at all costs if you want your new structure to last. Expert concreters Sydney reveals the four common concrete construction mistakes you need to avoid.

Using Insufficient Amount of Concrete:

One of the most common mistakes in concrete construction is pouring only a small amount of concrete, which makes it difficult to work with. If you’re building a driveway or other solid area, make sure that you pour enough concrete so that it is easy to spread out. Otherwise, you might end up having to do multiple pours and wasting materials. Be careful not to use too much concrete either. If there is too much on top of your slab, water will not be able to drain through properly and may cause cracks in your foundation.

Wrong Installation of Concrete Forms:

In order for concrete to develop a strong, sturdy structure, it needs proper installation. According to a formwork company Sydney, improper placement of forms can result in a weak foundation. Make sure that you carefully follow manufacturer’s specifications when installing forms and that they are secured firmly into place. The weight of concrete will push them out of place if they are not installed correctly or staked well. It is better to spend a little extra money on higher quality forms than risk an unsatisfactory outcome.

High Water Content:

Several people try to save money on concrete by pouring it with a high water content. This makes for weak, easily damaged concreteand costs more in repairs down the road. The right mix of cement and sand will provide you with long-lasting support without costing an arm and a leg. Measure your water properly to ensure that you get everything right.

Not Hiring a Professional Contractor:

A lot of people think they can save money and complete their concrete project without a professional contractor, but that’s not always true. If you don’t use professional concreters or steel fixers Sydney, you might end up with a finished product that looks cheap or poorly-constructed. Hiring an experienced contractor also allows you to sit back and enjoy your new space as it comes together before your eyes.

It’s always important to hire contractors such as Rockform Group that are experienced with the type of construction you want done in your home or business.While there are plenty of legitimate contractors out there, unfortunately, there are also phony contractors that could get you into trouble down the road. Do your research and hire trustworthy constructors for assistance.

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