5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Review Monitoring Service

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Review Monitoring Service


While reviews can be a good thing for your brand, bad reviews posted outside of your domain can harm your business for years. Reviews on sites like Yelp can influence many customer’s opinions of you, and sometimes you don’t even know that these negative reviews exist! There are many reasons that every business should use a review monitoring service to keep track of these bad reviews, not just limited to staying knowledgeable about how your brand looks to customers.

Know about bad reviews and your company’s image.

Bad reviews can be, well, bad, but not knowing about them can be worse. It’s very important to know how customers see your business. If the bad reviews are increasing and continue to increase, it might be time to switch business models. It can save a company from total bankruptcy in some cases. If you know you’re doing something wrong, at least you have a chance at fixing it. If you don’t even know what you’re doing wrong, you have no chance.

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Be able to respond to bad reviews.

Many companies shy away from bad reviews, but this is not a good strategy. Shying away makes the customer seem unimportant to the company. Review monitoring services can alert you to unhappy customers so you can address their issues. Not only does replying to the harsh review improve the single transaction but when other potential customers look at this review and see that the company responded, they feel more confident in buying from the company. The company that responded to the poor review looks like they are invested in a customer’s experience, and that is a company that others want to buy from right away.

Know how your customers want your business to improve.

While most bad reviews are a one-off, a review monitoring service can help track your bad reviews so you can tell if one bad experience has turned into a trend of bad experiences. A lot of reviews with the same idea can indicate that there is something wrong with how you are doing business and you need to fix it if you want to have a successful company. It can be hard to accept that your company is so unsatisfying that you need to drastically change it, but it can save your company from bankruptcy in the long run.

You can keep track of business popularity.

They say that any press is good press, and that is kind of the case with reviews. If you are getting a lot of bad reviews, yes you need to change something about your business, but at least you have customers. You know that your product or service is one that people want. If you are getting no reviews, your business is dead and it might be time to cut your losses or step up your marketing game. Tracking the conversations about your business can be important in feeling out the popularity of your company.

You can emphasize the best parts of your business.

Who says that the reviews have to be negative? Even if you find your company getting a majority of positive reviews, you can use this information, too. Rarely can a company get an unbiased look at themselves, but if there is a trend of good reviews about one aspect, there is an unbiased look. A company can find out the best parts of what they do straight from the horse’s mouth. This can help with an advertisement. If one customer values this trait, chances are that others do too, and advertising with this in mind can draw many new customers.

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