Being Part of a Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Being Part of a Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection Services


A lot of services and companies opens and closes, but one thing is always important, cleaning the property. Commercial businesses require cleaning services regularly. With that in mind, organizations offering cleaning services need to consider investing into people who are fully dedicated to disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning for clients.

Venturing into being a part of this business during the COVID-19 pandemic will especially come with tons of opportunities to share these services. We will take a closer look at how to start a commercial disinfecting and cleaning business to help clean up the community.

The advantages of this kind of business

Is being a part of this kind of venture worth your time, money, and energy? It depends on the situation but evaluating its advantages will help you decide whether to join the cleaning services.

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Start by considering the advantages of this type of venture and what can benefit you, the company, and the community. People’s experiences with starting a venture will vary, but they will find these advantages with cleaning firms:

In-demand services – Cleaning is not a one-time service professional offer. Every day, every week, a company needs their office disinfected or cleaned, creating a demand for these types of services. Especially during the pandemic, this kind of venture will be very in-demand. According to experts, it is on its way to the demand boom, and this type of mentality will stick around.

Helping in times of crisis – If this pandemic has inspired entrepreneurs to do what they can for their community, they may want to start a sanitizing company. Offering this service provider firms, as well as their workers’ peace of mind as they go to work every day.

Easier expansion – These firms are pretty easy to grow if owners find success. Adding new workers to the crew and servicing more clients get the venture closer to success.

Flexibility for the clients – Entrepreneurs should market their services to a particular group of clients then shift if they do not find success.

Organizations are always in need of this type of service, so the owners are sure to find one that needs their services. Even if they do not find one, they can always switch to residential services until they find the market that suits their needs.

Create an effective business plan

Now that you decided to be part of this business, it is time to get your plan in order. It can be a very overwhelming process, but preparing it with ideas on what to do is a bit easier. Make a checklist of the requirements from the company.

Know if you need certification

Being a part of a cleaning contractor needs to have a training certification, depending of course on the state you are in.

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What the cleaning professional needs to do in the state will vary, but as an employee, you will need to check out the training programs offered and most of these focus on the following areas as per the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA):

  • Safety and health stewardship
  • Delivery of service
  • Green building/management
  • Human resources
  • Commitment to management
  • Quality systems

Being a certified cleaner will definitely have its benefits, not only for you but for the commercial company that you will be of service once you’ve joined the cleaning firm:

  • Improvement of career prospects
  • Increase of earning potential with the skills and knowledge learned during the certification program.
  • Better understanding of the different service levels of commercial cleaning, especially about chemicals used in cleaning.

Get certification and trainings

Working for ventures like Picture Perfect Cleaning in Calgary involves cleaning and using hazardous materials and chemicals. While the state may not require individual training for the firm, the owner and their staff will need to know how to work with these chemicals and materials.

Get proper training for OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations involving Hazard Communication to learn and understand how to safely work with these things. Entrepreneurs may also require OSHA training for Hazardous Waste Operations, as well as Emergency Response if they work at job sites with hazardous wastes.

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