Effective Ways To Use Google My Business For Local SEO

Effective Ways To Use Google My Business For Local SEO


Google My Business is a free tool for SEO (search engine optimization). It costs nothing for business owners and can be very helpful in managing your online presence and in gaining more traffic to your website. There are many elements included that are quite useful for local SEO for businesses.

Convenient Features

Google My Business includes several features that can be beneficial both to the business owner and the customers. One example is a messaging service that allows the owner of the business to converse one on one with customers. Also, owners can make posts that will show up with the business profile on a google search and Google Maps. Some other handy components are the ability to add a menu of services and a booking button.

Tips for a successful GMB profile

Adding a business description is imperative. It is one of the first things a customer sees when viewing the GMB profile. The description must be clear and concise, and keywords should be utilized. There should be no confusion as to what type of business it is. Photos and videos can also be quite engaging, which will help draw customers to the website. The business owner should make sure to enter complete information for the listing.

Verifying the business location is also mandatory. Operating hours should always be kept accurate, and a Q&A (questions and answers) can help answer important questions customers may have. Featuring a Frequently Asked Questions Segment can help minimize duplicate questions in the Q&A section. It is always a good idea to keep customers informed.

Remain active

The business owner should make use of Google My Business insights. Insights factors in analytical data from searches for the business. It can translate reports such as which types of search led the customer to the business listing. It also shows the actions of customers and whether it was a website visit, a call, or a request for directions. Managing customer reviews is also essential. Responding to reviews shows responsibility and displays valuable customer engagement.

Word of caution

It is necessary to be active on the GMB profile. The listing should be evaluated to make sure nothing changed and everything is correct. Unfortunately, anyone can edit information on the listing, not just the owner. Anyone can also answer questions about the business and may or may not give a factual answer. If there is a rival who wants to mess with the business profile to be spiteful, they can. Therefore, it is a good idea for the business owner to frequently check on their Google My Business profile.

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Search engine optimization is a very useful mechanism in today’s online marketing. With the help of independent SEO companies, or by Google My Business, rendering more traffic to a business’s website is easier than some may think. Taking advantage of all that GMB has to offer, a business owner can have full control of their Google My Business listings. Therefore, they can successfully track their search data to find out and utilize what works for them and their individual business needs.

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