Reasons Why Facial Masks are Quite Important to be Safe from COVID 19

Reasons Why Facial Masks are Quite Important to be Safe from COVID 19


In the recent times, the most used accessory you have seen is face protecting mask in varied forms. You can even state that these masks symbolize the crucial times we are experiencing due to fear of being infected with the corona virus.

Since many decades citizens of many countries have used some kind of mask or wrap to hide their face. It may be their normal attire to give respect to their religion, rituals or to safeguard against environmental pollution. Presently, it has become a part of every person’s attire to act as a shield against the infectious symptoms spread by Coronavirus.

Know how face covering mask plays a crucial role in keeping you protected from COVID19:

  • Masks are mandatory to be worn when you are outside your home. The virus can get into your body through your eyes, nose and mouth. Your facial parts act as an easy pathway, and thus face mask is the best way to stop the outside elements to affect your general health.
  • Act as dust proof and block microbes from entering your mouth and through your nose commonly known as oral transmission. There may be millions of microbes and even many forms of pollutant material present in air. Face mask are the most useful item to prevent any such microbes or pollutants spoiling your health.
  • The droplets of virus won’t enter your mouth or nose even though it may land on the face mask. The mask can be discarded or disinfected after use. However, once the droplets having the virus enter your body, you will need medical treatment lasting for many weeks.
  • The virus can thrive on metal bases or any kind of surface for more than seventy-two hours. Your hand may have touched such infected surfaces, and thus when you touch your nose, eyes or mouth there are high chances of you being infected.

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Now all kind of face masks aren’t foolproof against the deadly virus. Thus, you need to use appropriate face masks designed according to the norms set by global medical experts.

Facial masks help you choose the most suitable mask for use:

  • KN95 or N95 masks – It is classified as masks of FFE (Filtering Facepiece Respirators). They are designed even to filter minute particles that is present in the air. They are expensive than rest of the masks, but the best one to protect you while being in close contact with coronavirus affected person. They are available with breathing filter as well, beneficially used by people troubled with respiratory problems.
  • 3 ply face masks – It is effective to block any kind of germs as its middle layer contains good quality static filtration to prevent even microbes or micro dust to enter your mouth or nose.
  • Custom face masks – It can be even made at home with good quality fabric and designed in a simple way or have multi layers. They can be reused and comfortable to be worn the whole day. It may not be fully protective like KN95 or N95 masks, but suits well with your colored attire and won’t be allergic for soft skin individuals.

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