Seeking Medical Attention After a Car Crash

Seeking Medical Attention After a Car Crash


Every year thousands of people hurt in car accidents. Though their injuries caused due to the accident might range from mild to life-threatening. Many of the victims are left confused, speechless, and in pain in an auto collision. In case you are one of those victims, you would probably be wondering what to do and how to protect your health as well as rights. While you need to trust a health care professional to take care of the health, a car accident attorney would tell you that you can accomplish both goals by getting treatment immediately.  

Top Reasons to Get Medical Care Immediately

Your health is certainly a significant reason to seek the medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. An auto crash can be enormously traumatic for the human body and you might have sustained a few serious injuries that too without realizing it. Visiting the doctor immediately after the crash ensures you get a quick diagnosis of the injuries, putting you on recovery quickly.

Another reason for visiting the medical practitioner right after the auto accident is related to the insurance claim. Generally, the insurance companies wish to settle the case cheaply as well as quickly. They would do everything to prove that you were not injured. However, visiting the doctor ensures detailed documentation of the injuries.

One of the major reasons for seeking immediate medical care is that the treatment establishes evidence for a lawsuit. You might not like to think about anything other than recovery after a car crash. However, when you sustain traumatic injuries due to the negligence of other people, you deserve fair compensation. Medical records allow attorneys to help you get compensation for the losses and sufferings.

Where to Seek Medical Care After Auto Accident

Generally, it is assumed that the emergency room is the perfect place for treatment. In case you have a severe or a life-threatening injury, heading straight to emergency care is a wise decision. Here are the situations when you need to visit for emergency care

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Underlying medical condition
  • Suffering from other kinds of serious injuries

In case you have less severe bodily harm that needs same-day care, visiting an urgent care center is advised. For example minor lacerations, abrasions, scrapes, and broken bones, you can visit urgent care center.

Tips to Protect Rights

Apart from seeking proper medical care right after the collision, some recommendations might help you protect your rights

  • Call the police to request assistance.
  • Do not admit the fault or make any statement that suggests you were responsible for causing the crash in any way.
  • Take a few pictures as well as document the scene of the accident, in case you are able to. This information might help you in proving that the other person was at fault for the crash.
  • Refuse to settle an insurance claim or sign a release form without having a word with an attorney.

Once your physical condition is under control and you are recovering from the injuries, contacting an experienced attorney is important. If you are looking for an experienced car crash lawyer, Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, located in Miami, FL, is a good option to consider. These car accident experts are known for their strong trial skills. The best thing is that you can request a free consultation and get a high level of legal advice at no cost to you

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