Smart tools for making documentation easy

Smart tools for making documentation easy


Do you struggle to find apps for converting formats of your documents or to edit PDF? If yes, then this article is a solution to your documentation problems. Find out how you can attractively present your documents.

Documentation is an art that makes a direct impression on your work. To master this art, one need not spend too much time and money. Let us find ways that can improve our documenting skills.

What are the different formats of documents?

There are several document formats that you can use according to your requirement. PDF and Word are some popular document formats that are used to write and present reports, articles, or any other information.

Following are some other popular formats which you must know to ace the art of documentation:

PDF – A PDF is a portable document format that can be used to present information using tableswords, diagrams, etc. Such documents are usually hard to edit. A PDF document’s name has a .pdf at the end.

Word or DOC – A word or DOC is a document that has similar uses as of PDF. The difference between such documents and pdf is that Word or DOC can be easily edited and copied.

Excel – An Excel file is used where information is in the form of numerical data. For example, performance reports, cost sheets, etc.

PPT – These documents are created for presentation purposes. Information in a PPT is precise and used to pitch an idea, describe a situation, etc.

Converting documents into multiple formats

There is no standard format that can be used for communicating everything. Sometimes information from PDF needs to be compiled in Word format or vice versa. In such instances, typing the whole document on Microsoft Word may be redundant and time-consuming.

Therefore, you need to think creatively about such problems. There are converter applications available that can be used to convert the format of a document. An example of a PDF to Word converter is PDFSimpli. You can use such apps to reduce your effort and save time while preparing documents.

Editing documents online

A document should be neatly formatted in order to look presentable. For this purpose, you can use editing tools available online. Editing can be done to adjust diagrams, format fonts or structure, change or modify text, and more.

What would you do if your boss suggested you edit a pdf? While you can edit a Word or DOC easily, editing a PDF is not easy. In such cases, you can resort to quick pdf editing apps to improve the quality of your document.

Editing documents is also important because they bring clarity to information and also make documents look visually better. No one wants to read a document that is not properly formatted or poorly written. Editing allows you to eliminate such issues in your documentation.


Drafting documents is easy if you know the smart tool for documents. These tools can help you to draft quality documents. Smart tools for creating or editing documents can make your work look attractive and pleasant. You can pitch your ideas of the message clearly through these smart tools. So, try out such document converting and editing tools to present your content in the most efficient manner.

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