Why Should You Invest In A PDF Converter?

Why Should You Invest In A PDF Converter?


PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format, and it has become the most popular document viewing format across businesses. Several offices have mandated that employees use PDF file format by default to avoid any transmission inconvenience.

PCs today work on various operating systems, and each OS has its own exclusive document editing application. PDF file format bridges the gap between different OS and allows for easy file access universally, which is beneficial for businesses. Here is an article covering various reasons to invest in a PDF converter.

Data protection

Every business has its own unique working model, inside information, and company secrets, which are conveyed to the employees via document transaction. Sensitive information like these must be protected at all costs in the digital era where chances of data leakage are high. PDF editing platforms are equipped with the feature of adding a security key to the file.

Officials can share this unique code with the eligible employees to ensure limited file viewing. The password protection technology is based on an end-to-end encryption method that provides restricted access. Additionally, if you suspect data leakage, it will be easier to trace the culprit with a limited number of suspects.

Going paperless is hassle-free now

A few years ago, if a business decided to go digital, it would be a nightmare for the employees. Going through the bulk of files, papers and typing them into the system to create a digital file was a tedious job. However, the PDF file format has made life easier by providing an easier way for this task. Several PDF viewing platforms now come with OCR technology, which allows you to scan the documents with any camera-equipped device and store it in PDF format digitally.

E-signatures are leading the way

Online businesses have to go through millions of paperwork transactions every day involving signatures of important people. Sometimes clients or key employees are located away from the headquarters, and companies have to send the paperwork to them for approval. Similarly, contracts and legally binding documents also require signatures.

Now, sending and receiving the documents through parcels can be time taking which can hurt the business. This is where PDF saves the day. A PDF editor offers the facility of e-signature where a person can sign the document digitally and email it back to the concerned authorities. The entire process hardly takes a minute and saves valuable time.

Universal editability

The PDF file itself does not allow easy editing access to protect the genuineness of the contents. However, if you have to make important edits to the document, you can easily convert them into the required format and proceed. The file format conversion facility is easily available online and is quite efficient. For example, if you want to change your file to .docx format, you can use an online PDF to Word converter. Once you are done with the editing, use your PDF converter to change your document back into the PDF format for easy and safe transmission.

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